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    聯系人:許佳奕(xujiayi@hdu.edu.cn ) 

    報告內容:Facilitating sparse modeling with sophisticated visual analysis tools



    摘要During FY2013-2018, we have a governmental project under a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas called “Initiative for High-Dimensional Data-Driven Science through Deepening of Sparse Modeling” (http://sparse-modeling.jp/index_e.html). In this project, I have been heading a planned visualization research project with a primary goal to construct a visualization platform for understanding the behavior of given high-dimensional data in physical space by projecting it onto a designated information space. For this purpose, we transform relatively low-dimensional data obtained through sparse modeling to two, three, or four-dimensional space where we can fully visualize the characteristics of the original high-dimensional data. The idea behind our project is to establish an interactive model called human-in-the-loop by incorporating visual feedback from the users in the analysis of high-dimensional data based on sparse modeling. In this talk, I will give an overview of the governmental project and introduce recent research results from the planned research project, including spectral-based contractible parallel coordinate plots, Biclustering multivariate data for correlated subspace mining, and TimeTubes for visualizing polarization variations in blazars.




    藤代教授發表250余篇國際學術論文,參與編寫37本書籍,并獲得29項學術榮譽。擔任包括IEEE Transactions on Visualization,Computer Graphics,Elsevier Science Computers & Graphics,Visual Informatics在內的多個國際著名學術期刊的編委;IEEE Scientific Visualization國際會議和Volume Graphics國際研討會的指導委員會成員。他是IEEE可視化頂級會議PacificVis的創始人之一,并一直擔任會議的指導委員會成員。先后主持24個國際會議,其中包括:VG’03/’05, IEEE SMI’06, IEEE PacificVis’08/’14, Cyberworlds’13, ACM VRCAI’14/’15, TopoInVis’17, CGI’17。目前,他是日本圖像電子工程師協會的會長,日本國際信息科學基金委成員,日本藝術和科學委員會成員,日本計算模擬和可視化委員會成員,和日本圖像協會代表。